Valencia voted healthiest city in the world!

#What makes Valencia the healthiest city in the world?

Paella, horchata, and football. These are the three words we associate most with Valencia, and now the word “healthy” can be added into the mix. A recent study by Money has determined Spain as the healthiest country in the world, with Valencia as the cherry on top of this, fat-free, protein-filled, cake. There are five essential ingredients that make Valencia the healthiest and most livable city in the world; weather, low levels of pollution, lifestyle, food, and life expectancy. This is the second year running that Valencia has won this impressive title.

We all know the importance of Vitamin D, and the best source of Vitamin D is the sun. Valencia has a high supply of that. In fact, Valencia is one of the cities with the most daylight hours. The sun also entices people to go outside to exercise and socialise, which enhances their mental and physical health.

Location, location, location.  Valencia has got that, because it is a coastal city with a fresh sea breeze that lowers the local pollution levels. Thus, allowing all the Valencians to enjoy clean air and green spaces, such as the famous Turia park. Locals also benefit from the Mediterranean diet and fresh products Valencia is able to grow products in its region, such as oranges or tiger nuts. The omega 3, low-fat, and high in protein diet contributes to the high life expectancy of the people. Alongside factors such as free health care and low cost of living, in comparison to its competitors.

Overall, what the success of Valencia, and Spain as a whole, comes down to is the famous saying “Trabajamos para vivir, no vivimos para trabajar” which represents the “life before work” lifestyle of the Spanish people. The attitude of the people is less focused on material gains and instead prioritises experiences. Thus, encouraging people to spend their time in a way most enjoyable and beneficial to them.

This energy can be felt right upon arrival in Valencia. Turia park, which passes through the entire city, allows everyone to have access to green space which people use to relax or have classes, ranging from yoga to salsa dancing. There is something for everyone. The Mediterranean city can also be considered the Amsterdam of Spain as its streets are designed for cycling, with the Valenbisi stations being available on every corner of Valencia.

If getting healthier and/or fitter is a part of your new year’s resolution, then Valencia is the place for you.

For more information on the study by Money click here.

Report by Nicole Maka-Sprawa

Article copyright of Nicole Maka-Sprawa /  ‘24/7 Valencia’

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