Dr Gutiérrez Serantes explains that “new research underlines the special importance of combining different vitamins in the maintenance of one’s immune system.” Substances like tobacco and caffeine can interfere with the correct absorption of vitamin C and nutrients with antioxidant properties.

Winter is one of the factors that has the biggest impact on our immune system, as colder temperatures can affect its performances and cause common troubles in the nose and throat. In this era it is normal to feel like one’s defences aren’t ready. Some of the main signs are: excessive tiredness, lack of energy, hair falling out or digestive problems.

To help you prepare for this cold season the laboratory for food supplements and natural cosmetics, MARNYS, along with Dr. Luis Gutiérrez Serantes, are giving you guidelines to help keep your immune system ready during winter with the help of vitamins

According to Dr. Serantes, “the main ally of the immune system is diet.” In this context, the importance of nutrition is that an organism obtains the essential vitamins for the correct functioning of the immune system through diet. “Vitamins are essential for the immune system to be efficient. It’s because of this that even today we have results from new research that highlights the paramount importance of combining different vitamins for the maintenance of the immune system,” he added. Vitamin A, group B vitamins, Vitamins C and D are among the vitamins that need to be incorporated into one’s diet.

This is one of the main reasons why an ideal diet needs to be balanced and varied, with a wide range of fruit and vegetables. One example is the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats. There are even studies such as the one carried out by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, which suggest that this diet is associated with the best emotional well-being.

The curious case of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a hydrosoluble vitamin, which means that it is not produced in our bodies, and needs to be ingested regularly. This contributes to normal immunological functioning and also acts as a safeguard against oxidising cell damage. Dr Serantes explained that “being such an important vitamin for our immune system, it is vital to take into account some factors that could slow down its absorption. Tobacco, for example, destroys vitamin C, so a smoker will need to ingest much higher quantities of it.” As for coffee lovers, they should wait at least half an hour after having a cup to ingest vitamin C, as caffeine interferes with its correct absorption.

On the other hand, according to EFSA (European Food Security Authority), older people, individuals exposed to chemical substances and athletes that engage in high intensity sports should elevate their vitamin C intake, as these activities necessitate a greater antioxidant capacity.

Exercise, healthy diet and supplements

As well as consuming the necessary vitamins, Dr. Serantes also recommends physical activity and rest periods. Exercise plays an important role in health, as it can help eliminate bacteria in our airways, which can consequently reduce the risk of contracting colds.

Similarly, you can also incorporate food supplements into your diet with a propolis, royal jelly and vitamin C base that have a positive effect on the immune system. Therefore, during the winter it is completely compatible to combine food supplements like the vitamin C liposomal VIT-C 1000 and the Propolvit Defens from MARNYS, whose formulas include high vitamin C and royal jelly contents respectively.

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