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    ##What is ‘Gaslighting’? The Oxford English Dictionary definition states that ‘Gaslighting is to manipulate (a person) by psychological means into questioning his or her own sanity.’ In simpler terms, gaslighting is a form of abuse where one person aims to control another. The abuser will make the victim question their reality by making them think […]

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    ##Passengers of Baleària, which is a leading shipping company in passenger and cargo transport, can take an antigen test at the Dénia maritime station before boarding to the Balearic Islands. Baleària’s service has been launched in collaboration with the Bioarray Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory. The antigen tests are carried out next to the ticket office of […]

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    Baleària having all its crews vaccinated

    ##Baleària will have all its crews vaccinated this week thanks to its additional vaccination plan. The crew members of the ships operating with the Balearic Islands are already vaccinated. 125 doses have been administered between Monday and today in Mallorca, Menorca and Eivissa. The additional vaccination plan programmed by Baleària to complete the immunity of […]

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    The Provincial Council of Huesca says YES to ‘The Way of the Holy Grail’ by the unanimity of all parties

    ##Ciudadanos gets the DPH to request the Government of Aragon a series of fundamental actions for the consolidation of the path. The provincial group of Cs has added support to claim the consolidation of a tourist, cultural, religious and sports route, the Way of the Holy Grail, with the involvement of provincial institutions and municipalities, […]

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    ##Four animated shorts to refresh your children’s English in the summer. The British Council opens the doors of its Digital Library and also offers families the keys to accompany and encourage their children’s learning of the language. If selected and used in an appropriate way, videos, short films and cartoons contribute, over time, to a […]

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