The Fundació Per Amor a l’Art and the Institute of Corporate Governance join forces

##The Fundació Per Amor a l’Art and the Institute of Corporate Governance join forces to support companies and their managers in the pursuit of excellence.

València, August 2, 2021 – Susana Lloret, vice president of the ‘Fundació per Amor a l’Art’ (FPAA) and Eva Turanzo, general director of the Institute of Corporate Governance (IGE), have signed a collaboration agreement to promote social integration and good governance practices through a meeting point for reflection and systematic social dialogue.

The FPAA will provide its facilities in the former ‘Bombas Gens’ factory for training activities and activities of the Corporate Governance Institute Club. An innovative meeting point where already accredited professionals will exchange experiences and enhance their capacities to take on new challenges and participate in research and dissemination processes.

For Susana Lloret, this collaboration is “an example of how culture and business can complement and promote each other in many different ways. We tend to see things in exclusive categories. It’s normal, it’s the way we simplify our environment to be more efficient. But it’s not always the case. This is a sample of how personal development does not understand categories, it is polyvalent and ultimately responds to that curiosity that pushes us to know and feel more. Why wouldn’t we unite the two things?”

For Eva Turanzo it means “being able to bring this enclave closer to the Valencian business society that takes our accreditation, generating a forum for reflection and debate around ESG criteria (environmental, sustainability and governance) is going to allow us to project synergies, and extraordinary initiatives that impact society, inspired by the purpose, the illusion and the value to people that the founders of Bombas Gens generate.”

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The Fundació Per Amor a l’Art (FPAA), private and family-run, deploys its triple activity, artistic, social and research, in the rehabilitated former Bombas Gens factory in Valencia. The FPAA Collection has a collection of more than 2,250 works of art by 220 artists, advised by Vicent Todolí. Its work related to the social integration of minors at risk of exclusion and support for people with Acquired Brain Injuries is carried out from its Social Area. It also promotes research and dissemination of rare diseases, especially Wilson’s disease.

More info: https://www.bombasgens.com/en/

INSTITUTO DE GOBERNANZA EMPRESARIAL has a senior management programme aimed at the transformation of SMEs through the professionalization of Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards as the highest bodies responsible for the strategy and sustainability of the company.

More info: https://igobernanzaempresarial.com/

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