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El Carmen Spanish School Interview

1. Why is Spanish so important as a language in the 21st century?

That’s a difficult question! Spanish, from a purely linguistic point of view, is an old language that due to the influence of diverse cultures and artistic, social and political movements has become one of the richest and most widely spoken languages in the world. We can confirm that it is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. As you know, we don’t only speak Spanish in Spain but also the majority of Latin America and increasingly in other parts of Europe and the United States and Equatorial Guinea in Africa. SPANISH IS IN FASHION. But why? I would dare to add that it is because of our ample and varied culture, for our traditions and for our character and for obvious reasons like our quality of life, the climate and the gastronomy. You will find these qualities not just in Spain but also in all Spanish Speaking countries of the world. Without doubt, this increases the interest of those who wish to speak Spanish. Experts say that it is one of the easiest languages to learn because of its structure and pronunciation. NICE ONE! It is also a very expressive and sentimental language. Now you know why the Spanish are able to speak so rapidly. That is why our teachers say that Spanish is so easy and so much fun!

2. Tell us about a typical day at El Carmen Spanish School.

Every day is different at our school. We learn everyday with our students, our colleagues, friends and family. However, everything begins at 8 in the morning. The Persian shutters go up, the door opens, lights are switched on and off we go to work! Our teachers arrive everyday with the same smile and happiness every morning; they turn on their computers, get their materials for the classes, ask for advice, make photocopies, and prepare classes and RING! Our first students arrive at 9am and CLASS BEGINS! From the reception you can hear laughter and more laughter but most off all you hear Spanish being spoken. “¿Qué tal el fin de semana?” That is the first question our teachers ask the students. It’s impossible not to speak Spanish! Grammar, vocabulary, “¿cómo se dice en español…?” The class finishes and: “¡Mañana más, chicos!”

In this way, our much loved teachers direct their classes on every level making the students feel at home, part of the big family that we are. Night falls, the lights are switched off; the shutters go down and tomorrow is another day. Fortunately, we can say that at El Carmen Spanish School we have taught Spanish classes well with another day under our belt.

3. What courses are available?

El Carmen Spanish School is a school that specializes in teaching Spanish as a foreign language where we tailor our classes so that each student feels catered for and can learn the language in a warm, relaxed and welcoming environment provided by our professional teachers. The courses that we offer at the school include group classes, one to one and private classes.

Group classes. Our classes are reduced. We have different types of courses: EXTENSIVE and INTENSIVE. The EXTENSIVE is divided into 4 hours of clases a week (2 clases per week) or 6 hours a week (3 classes a week).This type of course is ideal for those students who live in Valencia and want to learn Spanish in a more relaxed manner. In contrast, we also have INTENSIVE courses that can be for 10 hours a week (5 classes a week) or 20 hours a week (10 classes a week). These courses are designed for students who want to learn Spanish more quickly to find work or a partner! 😉 One to one classes: In these classes we adapt completely to your needs and you learn Spanish at a pace that suits you. The teacher will help you to improve your Spanish rapidly and efficiently in a way that you need to become an expert in the language.

Private group classes: Would you like to study with your partner, your friends or family? This is the best option. In these classes you can be with who you like to learn the language and with our teachers setting the pace that suits you in the same way as private classes. As well as this, we adapt our classes to your needs so that you feel that you are learning plenty of Spanish.
All material is included on all of our courses and inscription is free. You can also have a free first lesson!

C/ Santo Tomas, 22 bajo
Zona Carmen

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