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    The Festival Nino Bravo in Aielo de Malferit is just one of more than 20 such festivals and conventions all over the Spanish speaking world. The small town near Onteniente (Ontinyent) and the birth place of this unique big voiced singer teems with hardcore fans from as far away as Chile and Australia…all coming to […]

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    Ensems festival in Comunitat Valenciana! May 7-16 / September 15 -26

    ##This is the oldest experimental music festival in Spain. The programme will open with a performance by Alberto Bernal and Frames Percussion. Trio Zukan, Colectivo Mortero and Luis Tabuenca are the first artistic proposals of the festival. The Austrian Schallfeld Ensemble will stage the premiere of the work MAAT ME. Ensems, the festival dedicated to […]

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    VALENCIA MUSIC…MARA ARANDA ‘SEFARAD in the heart of Morocco’

    24/7 VALENCIA 1. Tell us something about your musical background… MARA ARANDA: My experiences in music are many and diverse, given that they have been accumulated over 30 years of a professional career in music. I believe that destiny has led me to share experiences with musicians with whom I have had an affinity, on […]

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    ##24/7 Valencia: Tell us about your  experience of travelling from the port of Valencia to the Caribbean in a sailing boat. Was it for musical reasons? SERGENT GARCIA: I have been travelling for more than 20 years to Latin America and the Caribbean to work and investigate Afro-Caribbean music. I have worked in Mexico, Cuba, […]

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    1. How did ‘Naima’ begin ? Naima began in 2004 with the intention of making music, influenced by jazz but not in any way bound to its rules and regulations. With the risk of being in no man’s land, where no-one can box us into a category, we prefer to develop our creativity with our […]

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    Tell us something about your background and experiences.  I spent my formative years on the island of South Uist. It is located off the west coast of Scotland, way up north. Everybody seemed to sing or play an instrument. It might have been because there was only one television station and I may be wrong […]

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    Exclusive The Stone Roses Interview (IN VALENCIA)

    ##It’s been a long, strange trip. ’24/7 Valencia’ magazine’s relationship with The Stone Roses stretches back to 1989, when resident ’24/7 Valencia’ photographer Kaiko witnessed and shot photos at their legendary gig at the Barraca club in Sueca in the Valencia region. Between 2002 and up to the present day, the ’24/7 Valencia’ editor has […]

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    Manu Khalwa

      Tell us something about your background.  I come from a family of musicians from Rajasthan in India. I am a musician and singer and my aim is to make Indian music more familiar to the ears of Westerners. Music has been in my family for 12 generations. Our ancestors used to perform at the […]

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