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    Port Saplaya

    About 5km away from the main beaches of Valencia, Port Saplaya has rightly earnt its nickname “Little Venice”. The picturesque harbour features unique, pastel-coloured holiday homes built a stone’s throw away from the sea. Port Saplaya has two beaches, separated by the entrance to the port. The walk along the marina is pleasant and a […]

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    Aragon says yes to Valencia and the Way of the Holy Grail !

    Aragon says yes to the Way of the Holy Grail on the 20th anniversary of the Cultural Association of the Way of the Holy Grail! The Way of the Holy Grail, because of its frequency in the celebration of the Jubilee and the significance of the sacred relic of the Holy Chalice, is the most […]

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    Artesanía Yuste (Valencia Ceramics)

    Finding ‘Artesanía Yuste’ in itself feels like stepping back in time, tiny winding streets crowned with balconies overflowing with potted plants. Small, independent shops and restaurants hidden away from the eyes of tourists. A place that does not exist online, Artesanía Yuste does not have a website, it does not use social media but instead […]

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    Intrigue and murder. Love and conquest. Not every city centre can boast such risqué history and then rise up to become beloved by residents and visitors alike. The City Centre of Valencia could, and she did. Rewind the clock to 138 B.C. to discover how the heart of Valencia morphed from a swampy island on […]

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    Hidden within the old town of Valencia, lies the modern vibrant ‘Mercado de Tapineria’. The trendy market square is a contrast to the quaint architecture enclosing it. Decorated in bright colourful bunting and wrapped up in tall white buildings, the urban environment is a must-see. If you are looking for somewhere to relax and escape […]

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    Hidden behind high walls and the shade of palms, the ‘Botanical Gardens of Valencia’ are a place of Science, Culture and Nature. Just minutes away from El Jardin Del Turia and Old Town Valencia, the Botanical Gardens is a secret paradise. The Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia originated from an orchard used to […]

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    The city of Valencia can be split into sub-divisions or neighbourhoods often known as “barrios”. One of these barrios is called Benimaclet, a name with Arabic origins meaning “sons of Majlad.” This barrio is located to the northeast of Valencia’s city centre. Before 1970, this barrio practiced local sovereignty; therefore Benimaclet was its own town […]

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    New visa for digital nomads in Spain!

    Spain wants to attract digital nomads, entrepreneurs and foreign investors with tax advantages, a special visa and fewer legal formalities to work remotely. Although it is expected to come into force in summer 2022, the new visa for digital nomads in Spain is already one of the most talked-about topics in business circles and entrepreneurial […]

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