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    24/7 VALENCIA:1. Tell us something about your musical background… ALES CESARINI: I don’t have a music degree. I have learnt from playing with many different musicians. I am self-taught. I have started courses at music conservatories but I always ended up leaving… 2. Why the double bass? I started playing the electric bass and I […]

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    1. Tell us something about your background and experiences… My perspective has changed over the years, and I’ve mellowed quite a bit. I enjoy wry humour, which might tempt me to frame my background as something out of an Edvard Munch painting. But that would be nonsense, and perhaps pernicious – because not only have […]

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    VALENCIA MUSIC…Thaïs Morell (Exclusive Interview)

    ##She was based in Valencia for a good number of years and returns regularly to the city. Thaïs Morell was born and brought up in Curitiba, a city  in the South of Brazil. Her most recent album  was  recorded in Valencia and released on local record label ‘Sedajazz’ records. 24/7 VALENCIA: 1. Tell us something […]

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    ##24/7 Valencia: Tell us about your  experience of travelling from the port of Valencia to the Caribbean in a sailing boat. Was it for musical reasons? SERGENT GARCIA: I have been travelling for more than 20 years to Latin America and the Caribbean to work and investigate Afro-Caribbean music. I have worked in Mexico, Cuba, […]

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    Efrén Lopez really is a musical phenomenon. Born in a working-class barrio of Valencia in 1972, he left school with no qualifications due “to a less than perfect relationship with authority”.  He got involved in music as a sound technician in studios and as a session musician, which involved a tour of Colombia and Peru […]

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    24/7 VALENCIA: Where did you meet and what are your backgrounds? MI AND L’AU:: Paris. Mia was into art therapy and modelling, and I was working for a cinema production company. We then flew around, betting on the map, drinking one million bottles of wine, and finally woke up, half-dead, half-ecstatic, by a lake, butt […]

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    1. How did ‘Naima’ begin ? Naima began in 2004 with the intention of making music, influenced by jazz but not in any way bound to its rules and regulations. With the risk of being in no man’s land, where no-one can box us into a category, we prefer to develop our creativity with our […]

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    “I guess you could say I’m a delicate man I gave my heart to fried calamari & crap TV It’s not the apathy in me It’s not the clumsiness in me My rusty self unavailable, irreclaimable on this Spanish beach Eloquence & style won’t save me in this town Sea, sun for free Sex? Well, […]

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    VALENCIA MUSIC… SIMON CAMPBELL (Exclusive Interview)

    Tell us something about your background, travels, musical experiences and influences: I picked up a guitar aged 16 and it all started from there. In the late 1970s, while still at University in Salford, I was working non-stop as a session guitar player and started my first real band, Whitefire. In the 90s we had […]

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    Exclusive The Stone Roses Interview (IN VALENCIA)

    ##It’s been a long, strange trip. ’24/7 Valencia’ magazine’s relationship with The Stone Roses stretches back to 1989, when resident ’24/7 Valencia’ photographer Kaiko witnessed and shot photos at their legendary gig at the Barraca club in Sueca in the Valencia region. Between 2002 and up to the present day, the ’24/7 Valencia’ editor has […]

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    Valencia Music Manolo Tarancón

    Manolo Tarancón 1. Tell us something about your musical influences… I listen to all types of music. I remember melodic singers like Adamo, Julio Iglesias, Nino Bravo, Camilo Sesto and Serrat that my parents played on vinyl on our family turntable and it could be that, unconsciously; those were my first musical influences. I like […]

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