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    ##Why Valencia? ¿Por qué Valencia? It’s a reasonable question, I suppose. Why do I, and others from around the world, choose to live here? After all, the third-largest city in Spain doesn’t normally rate on most people’s “must-sees”. The Lonely Planet guide, in its suggested city-based itinerary, talks at length about Madrid and Barcelona and […]

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    ##Daniel Sanchez has been a fallero for over twenty years in Falla Seneca-Poeta Mas y Ros, one of the hundreds of smaller neighbourhood fallas dotted around the city. What do the Fallas mean for you? -Fallas for me is a traditional festival where you get the chance to get together and enjoy yourself with your […]

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    ##EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH PERE BORREGO, PRESIDENT OF NA JORDANA FALLA According to the records, the first Falla to be erected in the Plaza Na Jordana was way back in 1884 and since 1954 it has been part of the Special Section (the Premier league of Fallas), longer than any other Falla. By 1983, the Fallas […]

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    A Fallas conversation between a Tourist and a Valencian! Brian: Wasn’t that ‘Fallas’ in Mission Impossible II, in that scene when Tom Cruise’s character is in Spain? I love all that fire dancing and those evil-looking hoods. Viçent: What are you talking about? That was just a ridiculous juxtaposition of Fallas and the Holy Week […]

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    La Pilareta

          A few years ago we were living in the very centre of the city in a huge flat with great views across the city. As a consequence, we were suddenly more popular as a stop-off destination. We had many a fun weekend with visitors glued to the view and the events happening […]

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    Kenneth Tynan on Valencia

    KENNETH TYNAN ON VALENCIA In his 1975 book ‘The Sound Of Two Hands Clapping,’ Kenneth Tynan wrote: “The new tourism, of which I am a charter member, is more selective…Valencia where a noisy and majestic ugliness stands sentinel, ever ready to repel outsiders, is one of the few places that come close to fulfilling all […]

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    There is something magnificent and Jules Verne-like about old mainline railway stations that their clean-lined, concrete & glass modern counterparts can never quite recapture…however beautifully designed. The ultra-fast AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) train arrived in Valencia at a purpose-built station nearly eight years ago. As Valencia advances into a new age of high-speed rail links, […]

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    Valencia’s Central Market is one of the largest markets in Europe Perched high above the ornate iron and glass dome, it’s feet resting on a golden ball, is the Cotorra del Mercat, the big green parrot that is the symbol of the Mercado Central in Valencia. Cotorra means parrot in Spanish, but it also means […]

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